What Happens If My Baby Poos On The Photographer??

A question I hear from a lot of parents during my newborn photo shoots is "What if my baby poos on the photographer"? 

Parents often seem concerned that they will be embarrassed when their little darling lets nature call all over my props and blankets. I understand it. Poos and wees are best done in private, but tiny babies know nothing of toilet training. When they have to go, they, well.....GO!

Little Ava came into my studio giggling. I'd never heard a newborn giggle before and I doubt I ever will again. In case you're wondering what it sounds like, it sounds like angels dancing! The sweetest little thing I'd ever heard. Little did I know that her giggling was her plotting to poo on me and all my props! Lucky she was really flipping cute!

baby girl lying in a floral nest in a photography studio in Perth, Western Australia
Baby girl in a bucket in a Perth newborn photography studio

So what DOES happen if baby poos on the photographer?

The answer is nothing! I've seen it all before. TRUST me. Getting pooed on is a GOOD day. It's a day that you've chosen ME to document your baby's delicate features, and I couldn't be more honoured to be there, getting a lap full of crap! I wash all of my props and blankets at the end of your photo shoot anyway. A little wee doesn't make any difference at all. And for tough stains,  Napisan and the good old Aussie sunshine does the trick. 

The internet is full of photos of babies having toilet accidents during their first photo shoots, but I assure you it's extremely common. MOST babies either poo, pee or both during their session, and it's not a big deal at all. Babies usually poo shortly after having a big feed. Baby boys in particular are little terrors for spraying, and I have learnt a couple of tactics to minimise the mess.

Please don't worry! Hubby and I have 3 kids of our own. My assistant and I are well-versed in bottom clean-ups. I've photographed hundreds of babies and I know my way round a box of baby wipes. I have everything I need to cope with a mess, including a giant bottle of hand sanitiser.

a baby girl held in her dad's hands in a Perth newborn photography studio
A baby girl in a floral next holding a teddy taken by Little Brown Rabbit Photography in Perth newborn studio

I also take some precautions against mess during the parent posing part of your baby's photo shoot. For some reason, dads seem to cop it worst and are most often in the firing line for baby poos. Please bring a change of clothes just in case, and warn me if you're particularly squeamish.

I've written some pretty nifty guides to help you prepare for your baby's first photo shoot and how I handle newborns safely in my studio.

I'd love to hear from you when you're ready to book your baby's photo shoot, and I promise you I won't freak out about a bit of baby poo. 

Michelle x