6 Reasons to book a family photo shoot now!

There's nothing more important to me than my family, and I'm sure you feel the same. They're the people we spend most of our time with and share all of our experiences with. We create memories with our family, and it's so important to capture and preserve moments as you are in the moment.

Why family portraits are the BEST investment you'll ever make

1. Portraits are beautiful decor pieces.

If you're looking for something special to hang on an empty wall in your home, you can't go past a family photo! Portraits work best on a focus wall, which is why you need to hire a professional. A family photo in a prominent spot on your living room wall needs to be beautifully shot.

2. They last a lifetime

Family portraits are INVESTMENTS. Printed family photos can be passed down to future generations, provided you have them printed by a professional too.

3 Photos make great gifts

I don't know a grandma that doesn't want more photos of her kids and grandkids! If you've been wracking your brain for gift ideas, photos are the answer.

A mother scooping her son up in her arms and kissing him during a family photo shoot in Perth, WA
A family with a pregnancy mother playing on a tree in Hyde Park, Perth for a photo shoot
4. It brings the family together

Having family portraits done is actually a great way to bring the family together especially if you don't see each other very often. If it's just your immediate family in the shoot, it can be a fun family activity to enjoy some time together at sunset, which is an unusual time for children to be up and about normally. The excitement of being somewhere different is part of the experience. If it's your extended family, plan to hang out together afterwards, maybe go for dinner to catch up?

5. Its good for your mental wellbeing

Exercising the brain to jog old memories can help prevent dementia. Looking at your photos hanging in your home causes you to recall the memories associated with that photo, and that is good for your brain!

6. It's good for the kids too

Psychologists and other experts all agree that having photos up at home where your children can see them increases their self esteem and helps kids see themselves as a valued and important member of the family. Having a portrait of your family on the walls where your children can see it (without having to turn on a computer or other device) sends an important message that your family members are important to once another, and that they are loved. Also consider having family photos in your child's bedroom to really send home a sense of reassurance and comfort, as they will see the photos first thing in the morning and last thing before bed.

Please print your photos. There's no time like the present to capture your family's special bond and make memories.

If you need help choosing outfits for your family photo shoot, I've got you covered!

A toddler girl sitting on a red chair in a field of grass for a photo shoot in Perth, WA
A family of three looking out to the sunset standing on a rock at Lion's Lookout in Perth during a photo shoot