9 Reasons to book a maternity photo shoot

When you’re expecting a baby, you spend so much time and energy planning for the new arrival that the thought of a maternity shoot often seems overwhelming. Some women simply feel too self-conscious and would prefer to not stand in front of a camera. I know exactly how you feel! It's important to remember that you're bringing a new life into the world, and that you (and your baby) deserve to capture this precious moment in time.

Still not convinced? Let me help you with that.

1 It's a celebration

You're celebrating your body growing a baby! That's a super power, Mama! You're amazing! And you deserve this moment in your family's life to be celebrated. When I photograph your pregnant belly, I want to show off your gorgeous form. You deserve to know, and remember, how gorgeous you are.

2 you are glowing

Promise! It may not feel like it, but you ARE glowing. I see it.

3 add your photos to your baby book

These photos aren't just for you. Your child will love and cherish the images of his mum and dad in the weeks before their birth. My kids love looking at photos of themselves as babies, and of me and their dad in our younger days, me pregnant with them, and so will yours. Chances are your baby book already has a spot for at least one photo of your belly.

4 An excuse to pamper yourself

A maternity shoot is a good excuse to get your hair, nails and make up done, and maybe even go for a massage. You probably won't have much time for those things after the birth. Make sure you're dressed for the occasion too. I have a closet of maternity dresses you can borrow for the shoot. Or you can hire one from one of the many hire shops in Perth. Wear whatever makes you look and feel amazing!

A pregnant lady showing off her baby belly on a beach photo shoot in Perth
A pregnant lady and her family on a beach photo shoot in Perth, WA

5 Capture your legacy

I've said it before and I'll say it again a thousand times. These photos aren't just for you! Your maternity photos honour your family by giving them something for future generations. They will treasure your pregnancy photos for years to come.

6 it's a bonding experience

Booking a maternity shoot will give you the opportunity to bond with your partner and capture the love that you share for each other and your new little one. If you already have children, this is a great way to include them in this process. Let's book a location that suits your family. Does your family love the beach? Then let's capture your pregnancy in your family's special place.

7 it doesn't have to be cheesy

Yeah I'm not a fan of cheesy photos either. Your maternity photo shoot can be whatever you want it to be. My shoots are usually fun nd relaxed, focussing on your family connection. Bring your dog along! I know a few pet friendly photo locations. you don't have to wear the gown! Wear whatever makes you look and feel amazing. I have some items in my closet you might like to try on. Accessorise with hats or jewellery to make your shoot your own. There's no formula you have to stick to!

8 it won't take long

Honestly, I have a family to get back to as well, and I know taking photos isn't the most exciting thing on your agenda, especially for dads. Maternity photo shoots take around 45 minutes to an hour maximum, and usually in the last hour before sunset. That's about the most I can expect out of tiny attention spans too if you already have other children.

9 no regrets

You will never regret booking a maternity photo shoot, but you may regret NOT booking one! 9 months is a relatively short period of time, and before you know it, it's over and you'll never cradle that bump again. You may not feel like taking photos when you’re going through your final trimester but you also don’t want to look back and regret not taking an hour out of your day to capture this moment. 

If you are still feeling nervous and reluctant, book a pre-shoot consultation with me and I'll go through all your concerns. You can also read my tips for preparing for your maternity photo shoot.

Michelle Jones

Maternity and Newborn Baby Photographer, Perth, Western Australia.

A pregnant mother with her family on a beach at sunset for a maternity photo shoot in Perth, Western Australia
A pregnant mother with her husband on a beach at sunset for a maternity photo shoot in Perth, Western Australia
A pregnant mother cradling her belly on a beach at sunset for a maternity photo shoot in Perth, Western Australia
A pregnant mother with her family at Riverside gardens, Perth, WA at sunset for a maternity photo shoot