10 Completely random but completely true facts about me

HI! I’m Michelle, a newborn photographer in Perth and I’d LOVE nothing more than to photograph your family! 

When you book me, I ask that you complete a questionnaire so I can get to know a bit about your family before the photo shoot. Before you hire me, you might want to get to know me a little bit better too, so I’ve put together a non-exhaustive list of completely random facts that might interest you.

1.     I used to be a medical scientist in a hospital haematology laboratory before I became a newborn photographer. 

2.     I used to work as an Airbnb Photographer, and my littlest came along for the ride from age 13 days old. We even got sent to Broome by Airbnb for an assignment. She still loves being in the carrier as my “koala” at 5.5 years old.

3.     I LOVE weird and completely random stuff. My favourite Airbnb to photograph had a taxidermied and mounted rabbits head with antlers on the bathroom wall. 

4.     I have curly hair but I didn’t find out til about 6 months ago at 42 years old!

5.     I hardly ever take bathroom selfies ;-)

6.     I love wine, dogs and plants. Like…a LOT hahaha. I’m not especially skilled at keeping plants alive. Dogs I can manage.

7.     My arm tattoo of a rabbit was to cover up some dog bite scarring. But now I’m hooked and have since had a few more and planning more still. Tattoo pain is weirdly addictive it seems. 

8.     I asked my husband for a random fact about me and he said “You used to work in a chocolate factory!” (Willy Wonka / “short people problem” joke.)

9.     I can never remember how old I am and have to keep working it out.

10.  I don’t have a “style”. My house and my studio are just an eclectic mix of random stuff that I love put together. I particularly love quirky and pink items. Come see my vintage pink door find in my studio! I'm always on the look out for new props and will jump at the chance to go to my favourite vintage shops.

If there's anything else you want to know about me before you book your family photo shoot? Ask me anything! I'm here to help. Hit me up on the button below and let's chat!