Where To Print Your Photos

"Does it matter where I print my photos?"

I hear this question all the time. I hope to convince you that it's worthwhile spending a little more to have your photos printed properly.

Let’s say you’ve had your family’s portrait photo shoot with me…..you’ve seen, loved and tagged yourself in your sneak peak image on Facebook and Instagram, got excited and now you’ve patiently waited for me to finish editing all your images. I email you the link to download your digital images. You’re delighted with your pictures and you’ve umm’d and aah’d about which ones to have printed for your walls in your home and for all your family.

The prints come back from the lab and…….oh no! They look nothing like they did on the screen! Or maybe you don’t entirely notice, but somehow you’re a little disappointed. You imagined they’d look phenomenal and now they look just average. What went wrong? Who’s to blame?

Use a professional print lab

When it comes to print labs, not all are created equal. Sending your prints to non-pro labs is not only going to give you sub-par prints, but also inconsistent results. The tecnician running the printer on the day, the calibration of the printer etc are all going to affect your prints. You’ve paid me a lot of money to make your family’s images look amazing. Why compromise on quality now by having your images printed at a chain store like K Mart or Harvey Norman?

Let me tell you what goes into making your images look fantastic, and then why I recommend having them printed at the Australian professional print lab store linked to your gallery.

The professional print lab store attached to your gallery uses

My part

Firstly after booking, I spend time with you helping you choose outfits for your session, making sure we schedule our session for the right day so that everyone involved is at their best and feeling great. If we choose an outdoor location, we choose a time so that the light is just right and giving us a lovely golden glow. We choose props together and you’ve had your hair done for the occasion. Everyone is looking and feeling fabulous.

After your shoot, I upload your images to my computer. I have my monitor calibrated with some (expensive) software and hardware, so I can get the colours and tones of your images just right. I have the colour space, colour profile, file type and resolution just right.

I lovingly select images from your session for further processing. Usually, this is the hardest part of my job! Choosing which ones to show you is difficult and I choose the best of the best. Once selected, I process your images using another (expensive) piece of software and my expertise, and I meticulously retouch your images.

Lastly, I sharpen your images up a little upload your gallery, send you an email with the download pin and password, and hope you love them as much as I do. I also hope you’ll take my advice on printing ‘cos my reputation is on the line here and I want my pictures to look their best in your home!

When all of that effort, time and money (yours and mine!) has already gone into your images, why turn them over to a photo print lab that is not dedicated to making the absolute highest quality prints possible? A professional lab’s job is to make my photos look amazing, and in turn, hopefully you’ll think I’M amazing and recommend me to your friends. You can also order lots of prints and other products through my Australian photo lab store. I only ever work with companies that I trust with my own family's photos.

To sweeten the deal, I offer a 10% discount for orders of $100 or more through the Print Store attached to your online gallery when you order directly from your gallery. How cool is that! You don't even have to leave your home. Order online and my professional lab in Australia will deliver to your door, Australia wide.

Thanks for reading! I'd also like to help you understand how I safely photograph newborn babies in my studio.

Love Michelle x

A toddler sat next to his dog at Perrys Paddock, Perth, Western Australia
Newborn baby boy with a brown rabbit toy in a studio photo shoot in Perth Western Australia
A family of four playing in the Secret Garden in Gwelup, Perth, Western Australia